Insurance Information

We are a provider for Delta Dental PPO/Premier and affiliates, Aetna PPO (Dental)Cigna DPPO, Assurant PPO (Dental), and Eagles Benefits (Dental direct reimbursement coverage through UF/Shands).  If you have one of these insurance plans, all co-pays will be required on the day of surgery.  You are responsible for any non-covered procedures.

WHAT YOU NEED TO BRING to your appointment:

  • Insurance cards (both dental and medical)
  • Insurance Company contact information (especially the phone #)
  • Insurance subscriber information (Name, Date of Birth, ID#/SS#)

If we are a provider for your insurance, our staff will ESTIMATE your portion of the payment due at the time of service.  This is only an estimate and we do not assume responsibility for any amounts or services that your insurance does not cover.  If you wish to know the exact cost of each visit, we can submit for a predetermination from your insurance company.  When a predetermination is submitted, it usually takes 4-6 weeks for the insurance company to respond.  Once the predetermination is complete, the total amount of what your insurance plan does not cover is required to be paid in full on the day of surgery.

Please note, our office submits insurance as a courtesy to our patients.  This practice does not accept responsibility for benefits paid or not paid by your insurance.  Any balance remaining after insurance has paid is strictly the patient’s responsibility.

If you participate with an insurance plan for which we are not providers, we can provide you with the necessary information (including codes) so that you may submit for any reimbursement that you may be entitled.

Please note: We are not providers for Medicare or Medicaid.  Our practice has “opted out” of Medicare; therefore, any work performed on any patient covered by Medicare will be done on a contractual basis between our office and the patient, and will not be filed by our office with Medicare, nor may the Medicare participant file with Medicare.  A notice regarding this issue will be presented to all Medicare eligible patients for their review and signature.  Proper referrals will be given to patients requesting treatment by a participating Medicare or Medicaid provider.