Post-Surgical Instructions – Implant Placement

IMPLANT PLACEMENT – Post-Surgical Instructions

The following information contained within our “Guide to Good Healing” will provide an idea of what to expect after your surgery.

Guide To Good Healing Following Implant Placement


We will have told you when and how to wear it. It is very important that very little pressure be exerted on the gum tissue over the implant during the initial healing.


Have been placed either over or next to the area where implant was placed. This helps reduce swelling of the gum tissue and controls bleeding. The sutures that we use break loose in one to two weeks and come out on their own.


We will prescribe two medications to help you remain comfortable. One will be a pain medication that will also reduce inflammation. We would like you to take it as directed for two days, whether you are uncomfortable or not. The other medication is a narcotic analgesic. This may be used if the first medication does not adequately control the discomfort. The two may be taken together. Remember not to drive or operate machinery or tools while taking narcotics. Also, mixing alcohol with narcotics can be very dangerous.


Are often used to reduce the small risk of infection. It is very important that you take all of the antibiotics prescribed as directed. Please remember that all forms of oral and administered contraception are to be considered unreliable while you are taking any form of antibiotic medication.


There is usually some slight swelling after implant surgery. If the procedure has been extensive, moderate swelling can be expected. Using an ice pack for the first eight to twelve hours may help reduce the onset of swelling. It may also help reduce facial discomfort. Use it in an alternating manner, ten minutes on and ten minutes off.


Balanced nutrition is essential to good healing. Chewing directly in the area of surgery is potentially harmful. Increase your fluid intake during the rest of the day of surgery. Drinking through a straw may prolong bleeding so it is best to avoid straws until the third day.

The following diet is recommended:

  • DAY ONE – All cool or lukewarm things that don’t have particles in them and therefore don’t require chewing. Yogurt, milk, ice milk, sherbet, jello, Instant Breakfast Milk Shakes and fruit juices are all allowed. Drinking at least one cup (8 oz) of liquid per hour will make certain you get adequate liquid to prevent dehydration.
  • DAY TWO – Eggs, grits, mashed potatoes, applesauce, pasta and soups are all recommended.
  • DAY THREE – Begin to add soft foods to your diet. Remember to follow the rule that: ‘If it hurts, don’t eat it’. It’s best not to bite or chew directly on the implant site for at least a week.


It is very helpful to rinse and soak the areas of surgery with warm saline. Stir ½ teaspoon of salt into 8 ounces of very warm water. Use it all to clean and briefly soak the area of surgery. Begin doing this the day following surgery. Please avoid the use of any mouthwashes that contain alcohol. Also, please brush your teeth, avoiding the area near surgery for two days. Then gently include the area of surgery beginning the third day after surgery.

If you have any questions, please call us. Thank you for allowing us to help in the replacement of your missing tooth or teeth.